Saturday, December 9


Surfing Lake Erie...Surf City USA -- Cleveland, Ohio!?!? They just have to do it before Lake Erie freezes over.

...Christian vs. Christ Follower videos -- parody of the PC vs. Mac commercials. A little too stereotypical and smug -- but cute. (via UltraRev)

...Speaking of Macs -- I've got this iMac that won't shut down because a webbrowser won't close. I've tried the "force quit" approach but that always hangs up. I can manually turn off the computer but the next time it boots up the problem is there again. At least with Windows I know the voodoo necessary to get around the quirks. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with the Mac quirks. So, to further complicate my life I've saved an old PC that was headed toward the dumpster and ordered some free Ubuntu OS CDs. I want to see if I can put something together that might work for students. Any advice?

...Fuller president Richard Mouw has launched a blog. Good move. I am a bit concerned, though. It's just so antithetical to the medium to put a suit and tie picture of yourself on a blog. RICH!!!

I'd mention it to him but he forgot to switch on the comments button.
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