Monday, December 11


Svensk flagga...Things aren't going so well in the old country. Bruce Bawr points out that the murder rate in Sweden is now twice that of the US and the sense of political correctness is so strong that there can't be any real debate on immigration issues. Furthermore, government censorship isn't uncommon. At least that's how Bawr sees it.

Well, apart from a few liberal politicians (and a few children of Swedish-American immigrants with poor memories) no one thinks that Sweden is a utopia. It's way too cold there and there is way too much history to the contrary to make utopic claims. When my grandfather got on the boat and left Sweden in 1920 it wasn't primarily for economic opportunity in America.

...Bookmark: The Linux Equivalent -- database of Windows software and the Linux equivalents.

...Church website of the week: Gulfhaven Mennonite Church. This church went through Katrina and continues to provide relief ministry in the community. Nice clean website, too.

...The end of my first semester at PIBC is near and I've got a short update on our ministry blog.

...Cool. Galvanized steel fold-up house which can be assembled in five minutes. Used for emergency housing in South Africa. I can't even pitch a tent in five minutes. Probably wouldn't be very practical in a typhoon zone. (via
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