Thursday, December 14


...Asia Times has a helpful review of Philip Jenkins new book The New Faces of Christianity: Believing the Bible in the Global South New Faces-- Amazon link

...The sale of our California house is moving forward. Contingencies closed yesterday and the escrow should close on the 29th.

...We've made an offer on a condo in Mangilao -- a few miles from PIBC -- a few blocks from Guam Community College and the University of Guam. It would be a good spot for us at this point. We should know in a day or two if the seller is serious.

...Google has launched Google Patent Search. Search through 7 million patents. That's a lot of late night reading.

...Last evening we went to the Christmas tree light and music show at the Micronesia Mall (nightly at 7, 8, and 9 p.m. for about 10 minutes). At the end Cheryl said, "That was really good, and I don't just mean, 'for Guam.'"

...Scot McKnight says that the emerging church movement suffers from "inclusion reaction." He writes, "Here's my definition of a characteristic: There is an instinct among emerging Christians to defend those who were 'othered' by evangelicals (Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, liberal Protestants) and an instinct to 'other' evangelicals, even though many emerging Christians truly are moderate or progressive evangelicals (and nervous about that term)."

I think that's a fair assessment. But there is more than just a nervousness at work. There is among many a strident (and sometimes arrogant) denial of what they are.

Chill out and enjoy the grace.

..."Convert or die"? I'm not "liberal" or "progressive" so I'm not in favor of presurring stores to remove the "Left Behind" video game. However, the game sounds as demented as the novels by the same name.

Chill out and enjoy the grace.
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