Wednesday, January 10


Linksys iPhone...Everyone's talking about Apple's new "iPhone." But didn't Linksys (Cisco) release a product called the "iPhone" last month? And the Linksys VoIP iPhone costs a lot less than the Apple knock-off version. Sounds like an opportunity to employ few more lawyers.

...PhD student Rick Mansfield has a great line (and blog entry) for Bible translators (and students): "Literal is not more accurate if it's unintelligible." It can't be easy to be a doctoral candidate in theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and an arch TNIV advocate.

...The light is still green to close tomorrow on the condo we're buying. The money is in the bank and all the paperwork seems to be in place. We won't get to move for a few weeks but I'm soooooo ready to unpack and figure out what we brought with us from California. We've been "camping" since August when we arrived on Guam.
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