Wednesday, January 17

Reading lists

The other day Steve Evans asked what the reading list was like for my classes this semester.

SOTERIOLOGY (study of salvation)

+ Know the Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief by Bruce Milne (IVP) -- primary text

+ Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem (Zondervan) -- I'm not particularly fond of this book but the students already had it for another class so I'm using it as a supplemental text.

+ Jesus and the End Time by Everett L. Wilson, online

+ Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities, Roger E Olson, various sections. On reserve in library

+ Recovering the Scandal of the Cross, Joel Green & Mark Baker, 153-170. On reserve in library

+ Farewell to the Rapture by NT Wright. Online

+ Called & Gifted -- online

+ Not on the reading list, but which I will draw heavily upon -- Theology for the Community of God by the late Stanley Grenz


+ Preaching: the Art of Narrative Exposition by Calvin Miller (Baker, 2006) -- required

+ Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson (2nd ed., Baker Academic, 2001) -- supplemental
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