Tuesday, February 13


...Happy "Hearts Day" as the students on campus are calling it. I was wondering why Google didn't put up some cute little hearts on their logo today. Then I realized that it was probably still the 13th at Google Central.

Cheryl and I are off to have dinner at a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant that we really enjoy.

...We're supposed to have a record-low high of 82 degrees on Guam today. Winter has arrived!

...Quest Church in Seattle appears to be on the road to merger with their neighbor, Interbay Covenant Church. Now, that would be a truly diverse church.

...Not that I'm objecting. I just find it interesting that the North Park University alumni association (i.e the fundraising people) are hosting a wine and cheese reception at Hilmar Cheese in California. My, how times have changed for these teetotalers.

...I switched to the new Blogger software and the new Blogger spellcheck promptly and randomly deleted two paragraphs of a post. I figured that by now, after a million years of beta (which I participated in with another blog), and a few months of public release, that they would have fixed that problem. Sigh. Even Google can't get everything right.
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