Wednesday, March 14

Eastern Seal

Brad's Chinese Seal
Daisy Ho got back yesterday from visiting her mother in Hong Kong. And as seems to be the case with all good Chinese friends she came bearing gifts. While she was in HK she had personal name seals made for both Cheryl and me. The one picured here is mine.

These seals are a big deal throughout the Asian world and often serve as a legal signature. Daisy tried to find some words which approximate the sounds of our names in Chinese and then had the seals designed. Very cool.

Daisy is the pastor of the Guam United Methodist Church, where Cheryl works as the secretary for 15 hours each week. Daisy and I are also the defacto Guam branch of the Fuller Theological Seminary Alumni Association. (We're still waiting for Rich Mouw to make a presidential visit so he can personally update us on all the school's happenings -- as he does for alum on the mainland.)
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