Saturday, March 31


~ There is a tropical depression developing west of Pohnpei which is expected to bring heavy storm conditions to Guam on Monday or Tuesday.

We could use some rain right now because we're in the "dry season." That means it only rains once or twice a day -- and usually briefly. The soil is so shallow and rocky that plants dry up really quickly without a significant daily drenching. There have been lots of boonie fires on the island for the past few days. So I'm sure some rain will be welcome. But what they are predicting could bring flood conditions.

~ Visits to "religious" websites have "dropped over 30% within the last year, down 35% the last two years..." More from a recent Time article, "Visits to the top 1200 religious sites in the U.S. accounted for only .18% of all Internet visits for the week ending March 10, 2007. To put that in perspective, there are over 60 visits to adult sites for every one religious website visit."

~ Mexican elementary schools are buying into high-tech teaching in a muy grande way.

~ Is technology making cities obsolete?

~ There is a TNIV search button available for the Google toolbar. If you have the toolbar functioning on your browser go to and it should automatically ask you if you want the button installed. If it doesn't happen automatically try doing a Bible search from that site to see if that prompts the request.
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