Thursday, March 15

Tuition increase

They're raising UC tuition 7% next year -- the fifth raise in 6 years. The cost of undergrad tuition in the University of California has gone up 92% since the 2001-02 school year. We've got to hurry up and get our remaining college students out before the whole thing implodes. Kent is a third year student at UC Irvine and Betsy is in her first year at UC Berkeley. Undergrad tuition next year will be about $6,570.

I have not heard of any planned tuition increases for PIBC. Tuition for most students is about $3,000 per year (with the Liebenzell scholarship that I think pretty much everyone gets). To put things in perspective, tuition at the University of Guam -- just a few miles from us -- is $4,290 per year. I think that nearly every single PIBC student funds his or her education through Pell Grants (the form of financial aid for the most needy of students). IOW, we're not likely to be able to raise tuition until the US government approves more Pell funding. There is just no way that our students could come up with more -- unless we allowed them to pay for tuition with coconuts and fish.
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