Wednesday, April 4


~ High flying wind farms -- using kites to generate electricity. Ben Franklin's theory taken up a notch -- or two or three... Looks good on paper. Article in the Economist

~ A bishop in the Episcopal Church USA has joined the Roman Catholic Church.

~ Betsy drove by our old house in Turlock last weekend. The new owners have cut down the two live oak trees I planted when we first moved in. Some people just don't understand the value of trees. Shade keeps the house cooler in the summer. The trees purify the surrounding air -- and they provide places for birds to hang-out -- the latter of which may be why they cut the trees down. If you're going to have lots of birds around you have to clean-up after them. Oh well.

~ The local headline reads "Emergency beach rescue leaves man in critical condition" -- which makes it sound like the poor fellow was victimized by his rescuers. He wasn't.

~ Wal-Mart is recreating itself into a personal improvement association for its employees.
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