Monday, April 23


Brown Tree Snake~ Tylenol (or its active ingredient acetaminophen) may be the cure for Guam's Brown Tree Snake problem. Don't look for a quick fix, though. It could be a little while before they've worked out all the kinks on this one. See also paracetamol article on Wikipedia.

~ The world's most and least corrupt countries. We've slipped a little. Or is it that others have improved considerably?

~ It's been a rough day for Melissa. First her hard-drive crashed and then some neighborhood kids came by to claim the puppy she had become attached to.

~ We had our own little crisis -- a little fender bender which collapsed the front end of our car. No one was hurt. We'll drive it down to the body shop tomorrow to get an estimate.

~ Improving sidewalks by replacing concrete with recycled rubber. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

~ Bookmark: -- broadcast events for free using a regular webcam -- sort'a works -- room for improvement. Well, it is in beta.

~ Moving beyond podcasts: multimedia and the academic experience -- educators are learning fast what works and what doesn't.

~ Richard Mouw on "warrior monks" -- military chaplains -- my sentiments, exactly.

~ The Simple Church people in the UK are trying to spin things optimistically but at this point their progress doesn't sound all that encouraging to me. The simple church concept sounds great -- on paper. But once they're done with all of the trial and error I suspect they'll be a lot more "conventional" than they are currently comfortable with. There are reasons why things "evolved" the way they did -- some not so good -- but some are solid.

~ The Virginia Tech massacre -- from the perspective of Asian-Americans. Pastor Eugene Cho from Seattle's Quest Church / Dr Bo Lim from Seattle Pacific University (on Eugene's blog). They both deal with the shame and sorrow that they feel as Korean-Americans (a concept which individualists rooted in traditional American culture don't quite understand). I think I understand a little of it because I know that I feel pride to have these articulate and sensitive men as brothers.

Interesting story on how Facebook played a vital communication role in the aftermath of the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

~ Heroes, the only show I'm following this season, is back on (finally!). I just watched episode 19 on the web. The plot thickens and the characters continue to develop. Did you know that there are only 39 minutes of actual show for a 60 minute episode?
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