Thursday, July 26


Bae Hyung-kyu~ Korean Martyr

~ The auditors are concerned about $4 million that has gone missing from Guam's Territorial Highway Construction Fund. "I'm sure it's around here somewhere. Has anyone checked the backs of the desk drawers?"

~ It took me awhile to figure out what everyone was talking about -- even after visiting the Wikiklesia Project website several times. Now, I get it -- I think. It's an e-book written by volunteers and available for $14.95. They're also going to release a paperback version next month ($??). The model and the details still seem a bit fuzzy but everyone who is anyone is blogging about it so I figured that I better say something to validate them.

~ Andy Rowell has left the pastorate to pursue a ThD degree. And he's been looking for a congregation to become a part of during his stay at Duke. He's been musing on the options, carefully listing the strengths of the mainline denominational churches and then the non-denominational churches. What he is missing is the column for non-mainline denominational churches -- not that we're trying to be all competitive about this kind of thing.

~ Brad Bergfalk is moving west!

~ 29,000 MySpace profiles have been removed because they belonged to convicted sex offenders. 29,000! And those were only the ones they were able to identify!

~ American women are hitting the road -- on motorcycles.

~ Money magazine has released their latest best places to live in the US list. Someone should put out a best places to serve list for the Christian readers. WWJL?

~ In their listing of the 25 places with the most affordable housing all but one of the towns was in the snow belt. If I were backed into a corner, threatened with a snow shovel, and had to choose a snowy place from their list I think I'd go for Storm Lake, Iowa -- population 10,100. I've always kind of liked Iowa -- perhaps because my grandmother was born there -- perhaps because Sean is from Iowa -- perhaps because I like wide-open spaces and farmers. Maybe I'd go for Storm Lake because it is home to the prestigious BVU -- OR perhaps it's because it's the most western place on the list.

~ Grades for cash -- 34 people have been charged with felony stupidity.
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