Saturday, August 4

Growing Guam

~ The Guam International Airport Authority believes that eventually Guam is going to need a general aviation field -- and they're preparing. Planning is not exactly the forte of government entities on Guam. But the airport authority has a good track record and from what I've seen the airport is probably the best run local government entity. Interestingly the site being proposed is not too far from PIBC -- just up the backroad to Andersen (Hwy 15).

~ Another Guam entity, this one with a less than stellar history of planning, Guam Memorial Hospital, says that it needs to make chances in anticipation of the relocation of the Marines to Guam. While everyone agrees that the hospital needs a lot of attention I'm wondering where their population growth figure of 40,000 people comes from. The military says that they will be relocating 5,000-8,000 US Marines from Okinawa. With their dependents the total should be under 20,000 people -- and those people will be using the military hospital! I'm sure there will be some civilian growth -- but 20,000 people? It's great that they're planning. I'm just wondering about their figures.

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