Friday, August 3


Hopefully Donald Miller is being disingenuous when he uses the Nicene Creed as a punch line... Actually, the Nicene Creed is a story. It runs from creation to the Second Coming with interspersings on how Christians can live in the present age, whenever that age is. It sounds like a narrative; it speaks truth.

The bottom-line problem with the approach attributed to Miller, and perhaps the problem with all new movements or trends or "themes ascendant" in Christendom, is that they present as conflicting what ought to be held in creative tension.

I believe in the power of story. I live in it, as a reader, a writer, and a Christian. I fully expect to find great stories in heaven, right next to the great rational systems of Christian theologians -- perhaps even overlapping and integrating, as they should.

-- Paul Hughes, Orange California
from the Readers Write section of Christianity Today (August, 2007)

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