Sunday, August 5


~ Yo Mon! The Anglican Church of Jamaica is adding Reggae to their new hymnal -- including songs by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.

~ One more blame-the-victims story, this time in the Independent: "The kidnap of South Korean church volunteers by the Taliban has caused deep divisions back home, forcing into the open a dark truth: many Koreans resent Christians and the speed with which they have become a dominant force in the upper echelons of society." We can tolerate them as long as they don't try to exercise too much influence.

~ Eric's first post from Guam.

~ The water level of Lake Superior has slipped to its lowest point in 80 years and will set a record this fall if it dips three more inches. The average water temperature has surged 4.5 degrees since 1979 (still too cold for humans!). The air temperature around the lake has risen 2.7 degrees. It could be a part of a conspiracy by the sun-belt states to further decimate the rust belt. Or maybe Canada is secretly siphoning off water and keeping it on their side of the lake. OR perhaps its just some kind of global warming trend. Take your pick.

~ Betsy made it back to California. Kent is in the air right now on his way home to California from Korea. Melissa and the Farnsworths are scheduled to arrive back on Guam Wednesday. I think Hollie is on a MAC flight from Hawaii today.

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