Sunday, August 12

Random graphic~ I arrived on Guam a year ago today. It's been an adventure.

~ China setting up Big Brother network with American dollars

~ Bookmark: -- It's what it sounds like it is.

~ Religion & Ethics has a very fine overview of the growth of Korea, the unique success of the Korean church, and now the Korean missionary movement. This is a quick way to get a sense for what's driving things in the Korean church.

~ Google has added StarOffice to the the "Google Pack" of free software. StarOffice is the Sun version of the OpenOffice suite -- with a few enhancements. Actually, it's probably the other way around. OpenOffice is the open source version of StarOffice. Interesting addition to the pack -- I would have expected them to go with OpenOffice. Google is not totally predictable -- that's why they're making money.

~ Melissa noticed that the church shooting in Missouri, where three people were killed, involved a Micronesian congregation. KUAM is reporting that the congregation was made up of islanders from Pinglap and Pohnpei.

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Sean Meade said...

can't believe it's been a whole year!