Tuesday, August 21


~ Oh, brother. This is embarrassing. We are so rigid and lacking in graciousness.

~ Japanese tourism to Guam is up 40% but down 4.8% to Hawaii. My guess is that the slow-down in the Japanese economy is causing at least some tourists to reroute their vacations to a closer and cheaper tropical island. Also, we may be picking up some of the tourism that Saipan was getting before their current wave of infrastructure woes.

~ Colleague Eric Sorenson not only has wheels but new digs, too.

~ Leadership sage and Texas personality Fred Smith, Sr has died.

~ The global reshuffling continues and it involves major shifting within the US.

~ Philip Jenkins, professor of history and religious studies at Pennsylvania State University, is having a hard time envisioning the wholesale Islamization of Europe.

~ Companies targeting the "faithful"

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