Wednesday, August 29


~ It's still the "Sea of Japan" -- the Koreas are unhappy.

~ South Korea is pulling its troops from Afghanistan as a part of a deal to get the Taliban to free the remaining kidnapped Christian volunteers. Eight hostages were reportedly released today. The good news is that it looks like the hostages will all soon be free. The bad news is that now that the terrorists have discovered a successful formula, they will be franchising their strategy worldwide and there will be more kidnappings of aid workers to gain political ground.

~ Crocs, the people who gave us the fun colorful goofy-lookin' shoes, is launching a brand of clothing which is at least partially made from the secret-formula material used in the shoes. The shoes are extremely popular with Japanese tourists on Guam, and a few Americans out here. I suppose that the clothing will be somewhat water repellent but unsuitable for the tropics, where you really do want clothing that breathes.

~ The poverty rate in America is down -- but the uninsured rate is up. Hmm?

~ Church planting on a dime. (via)

~ Steve Brown has a humorous radio spoof ad for Bob Jones University.

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