Friday, September 7


Guam's new Home Depot~ Home Depot and Convergence Island -- a new post on our Guam blog

~ Church of England taking on some color. There is hope.

~ In flight power source for your iPod -- the airplane headphone jack -- how to do it

~ Madeleine L’Engle, one of the great American children’s writers of the 20th century has died. CT has put a 1979 interview online.

~ More and more college students are commuting to campus. "Life is too good at home to leave.." Exactly -- you're paying outrageous prices to live like packed sardines in the dorms and the food is often not much better than sardines. I was a happy commuter student. (via)

~ Toaster which burns handwritten messages onto a piece of toast. No need to get me one for Christmas. I'll just borrow yours when I need to send a toasted message.

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therealkimaliczi said...

Love the toaster! I have now officially seen everything! LOL