Tuesday, September 25


Japanese bread in a can

~ Bread in a can -- The Japanese can package anything for their beloved vending machines.

~ Goteborg -- center of Sweden's creative underground

~ Is blogging on the decline or on the rise? Yes.

~ The Russian colonel who saved the US from a nuclear missile attack in 1983 -- by doing nothing

~ The problem with inductive Bible study by New Testament scholar

~ "Revitalizing the Church? I don' think so!" says Bob Roberts. My take is that a local church can be revitalized IF it has a strong spiritual backbone that drives it to mission, if it is ready and willing to make changes to move forward, if it exists in an environment where vital change is possible, and if it refuses to believe prophets of doom -- professional or otherwise. So far, I don't think that these things can be programed or packaged. So far, I think that there are only a few aging churches with these characteristics.

~ Episcopal Church bishop leaving the Rio Grande to swim the Tiber

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