Monday, October 1

Global mission collection

~ I'm planning to do a presentation in the adult Sunday School at the Lutheran Church of Guam next Sunday. In preparation I came across the State of the Gospel talk that Jason Mandryk, of Operation World did last year in Malaysia. If I have time I'll show all 36 minutes. I did a trial run in my World Religions class tonight. This is a powerful talk and a great resource. It's also available as an mp3 and a PowerPoint presentation.

~ Notable: John Edmiston -- The Internet Missionary Society of 2020. Overall I agree with John. Technology is changing the way we do mission. But the case is a bit overstated. The more ubiquitous technology becomes the more defused (perhaps even diminished) is the power of an individual channel. IOW, Christians are not the only ones tapping into the movement -- so the deeper you go into the technology and the more dependent you become on it, the greater your chances of getting lost in the static. Should we use technology? Definitely yes -- but mostly to the degree that it enhances face-to-face flesh-to-flesh relationships. After all, we are "pitching" incarnation. There are not silver bullet cyber short-cuts to incarnationally presenting the gospel.

~ More notable: The next installment in Justin Long's learning from the ants series -- Learning from the ants: the possibility of creating missionary swarms

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