Thursday, October 11


~ When I first saw the headline I thought that some jokester had pulled a fast one on the wire services or perhaps that they had mistakenly picked up a headline from the Onion.

~ The postal service is clarifying the new rules regarding which customs form to use when shipping packages to and from Guam. No one seems to be able to answer why there needs to be any kind of customs form whatsoever. Guam is a US territory, with a US post office. It seems to me that in this day and age shipping between Guam and California should really be no different than shipping between Ohio and Texas -- unless your primary concern is keeping some customs agents employed.

~ The new red-letter hermeneutic. Campolo et al. are opening a can of worms -- unnecessarily.

~ NY Times: How China got religion

~ Megachurch to move to outdoor auditorium. You can get away with that in Simi Valley, California.

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