Thursday, October 18


~ I'm going to Chuuk tomorrow morning for a pastor's retreat, so I could be incommunicado for the weekend. Thank you to everyone who sent greetings for the church in Weno. I'm looking forward to conveying them to everyone there.

~ We had a 4.8 quake this afternoon. This one I felt -- a quick jolt centered about 20 miles away. Guam seems to shake a lot more than California. I still haven't felt any rolling movement, though.

~ Oh, brother. The Church of Google. Talk about collective consciousness.

~ 95% of all email is spam -- makes me thankful for the people who invented the spam filters

~ Does-Nothing-o-Matic -- amusing uses for a bunch of stuff that should have been sold at last year's garage sale. Highly edited, I'm sure.

~ If you're into the long running (35 years or so) biblical inerrancy debate you might find this quote from we came across Vanhoozer's definition of infallibility and inerrancy, which I thought was very nicely nuanced (and fairly easy to connect to my own understanding). Basically, Vanhoozer would say that the infallibility of the Bible means that God's word invariably accomplishes its purposes. In turn, inerrancy then means that when its purpose is assertion, the proposition of the speech-act is true..." Read more

~ New malaria vaccine looks really really promising -- which is a good thing if global warming expands the tropics.

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