Friday, November 16


~ Why 18-22 year olds drop out of church -- "In most cases, the decision to leave was not planned far in advance." -- Link

~ Will the Micronesian church ever get its act together? I'm seeing signs of hope. The Lodge is one of them. Pray for these students who are unwilling to accept mediocre dysfunctional Christianity. -- Link

~ My spiritual formation students are watching movies -- Link

~ I made the pilgrimage to Home Depot, Guam's newest temple. I found the plant fungicide I had been unable to find on island up to this point. And I'm happy to report that the store is pretty much like Home Depots everywhere else -- although the garden section is pretty small compared to the other Home Depots I've frequented. They do have a self-checkout system -- probably the only one on Guam. Most customers seemed to avoid the self-checkout line -- probably unfamiliar with the concept. That made my exit all the easier.

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