Thursday, November 22


~ It appears that the winter tradewinds have arrived on Guam, making this an exceptionally pleasant place to be.

~ Microsoft's next challenger is coming from India! InstaColl has launched Live Documents, a hybrid online-offline office suite of applications, designed to mimic Microsoft Office 2007. It will be free for individuals (100MB of free data storage included). Companies will pay for the system. The Times has an article on the announcement and its significance.

I've requested an invitation to the beta. So I'm waiting for a test-drive.

The fact that this company is based outside the US is at least as significant as the product they are offering. It is a bellwether.

~ The NY Times is running a series of articles about "how American religious organizations benefit from an increasingly accommodating government." The latest in the series is "Megachurches add local economy to their mission." The general tone of the articles is pretty negative -- painting churches as money-hungry institutions constantly angling for ways to make a buck. There is not much discussion about the overall benefit of the money spent or if there might be a bottom-line other than the dollar. Also, not given much consideration are the vast number of churches who are involved in community development as a part of their ministry -- everything from after school programs to creating entry level job opportunities -- e.g. JPUSA.

~ B-2 Stealth bombers from Guam have been using Hawaii for target practice. It's an ongoing show for the benefit of North Korea. -- Link

~ Jesus 101 -- Campus Crusade's online introduction to Jesus appears to be effective. -- Link

~ Even babies can tell right from wrong -- Link

~ Belated birthday wishes to the Internet, which turned 30 yesterday (the 22nd). Kudos to Al Gore and the others who helped him with his invention. -- Link

~ Charitable or foolish? -- basic lessons in cross-cultural living -- Link
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