Thursday, November 29


~ This poor guy was going to buy himself a ride but after he finished building his sound system he found that he couldn't afford the car to go with it.

There's a whole NY Times article devoted to a group of pedaled mobile boom boxes. -- Link

~ Adobe and Yahoo have teamed up to experiment with advertising embedded in .pdf documents. -- Link

~ Someone with vision is offering Oral Roberts University $70 million if the school will clean-up its financial and leadership problems. He's already advanced them $8 million of it -- should be ample motivation to get movin' on that little project... -- List

~ The culture has taken a downward turn since our departure from the mainland. Nordstrom's is getting rid of the live in-store music -- not that I shopped there much -- just that Nordstrom's is a bit iconic representing customer service and shopping "experience" in American retail. -- Link

~ Google Chat now has a group chat feature. -- Link

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