Tuesday, December 11


~ X-phi -- "experimental philosophy" -- seems like a bunch of psychologists have gotten hold of a bunch of case studies for an ethics class. I'm still trying to figure this one out. -- Link

~ The story of the shooter in Colorado is in some ways being overshadowed by the story of the volunteer security guard who shot him. -- Link

New Life Church in Colorado isn't the only armed congregation. -- Link

What are we saying theologically? We have to at least ask that question.

~ The world's largest Bible production plant will soon be open -- IN CHINA! So much change in such a short amount of time. -- Link

~ Rick Mansfield has a review of the soon to be released TNIV Reference Bible -- he likes it -- a lot -- Link

~ Use Google Apps to host your domain -- maybe someday if I ever get around to migrating everything. -- Link

~ The Archbishop of York cut up his clerical dog collar on a national television show -- swearing that he won't wear one again until President Mugabe of Uganda is thrown out of office. -- Link

It doesn't appear that Mugabe is making leave-taking noises. But Archbishop Sentamu's protest has succeeded in getting us to talk about the possibility. My post is evidence of that. Even when Mugabe is finally gone, as undoubtedly he will be, the archbishop may find that life is much better without the choker. If we're going to have clergy uniforms isn't it time that we chopped up all the dog collars and came up with something more comfortable and less silly?

~ The rise of a global culture means that marketing experts are focusing more and more on generational tribes than nationalities. -- Link

~ JetBlue, American Airlines, Virgin America, and Alaska Airlines are all planning to begin offering in-the-air Internet access -- probably about $10 per flight. -- Link

I'd pay for it if (1) it worked, (2) it was fast enough, (3) it was easy enough to log into, and (4) if I were flying between Guam and the US. Otherwise I'd probably wait it out and deal with the withdrawal.

~ Are the icecaps starting to recover from "global warming"? -- Link (via)

I'm pretty sure than no one on either side of the debate has a very good handle on the situation. There is just not enough information to be dogmatic. But I do know that pollution isn't healthy and so whether it is melting the icecaps or not is somewhat moot. We've still got to clean up our act.

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I love reading through your blog. there is such a variety of information that I don't get from KUAM and PDN. - Derwin