Friday, January 25


~ Members of the Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC) in India are living in refugee camps established after Hindu extremists attacked their villages and church buildings. Covenant World Relief (US/Canada) has jumped in to help with relief. -- Link

The HCC is an interesting group. Started by the Mission (Covenant) Church in Sweden in the 1930's, they are a holistic witness in one of the poorest parts of India.

~ Woe be the spiritual elitists -- Rich Mouw on the upside of spiritual consumerism -- Link

~ Orange County's new $480 million microfiltration system that turns sewage into drinking water -- Link

~ The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has decided to join the Covenant -- sorta. They want every one of their 6,000 congregations to plant another. The goal of doubling in size isn't unrealistic but the goal of each congregation planting a new church is. It's more likely that 5% of the churches will plant at some point and those new congregations will do the multiplication -- if they don't get caught up in the LCMS infighting that seems to be a part of the denominational DNA. I think it was Samuel Shoemaker, the great 20th century Episcopal rector (and co-founder of AA), who said, you don't want to leave newborn chicks under a dead hen.

~ "A biofuel startup in Illinois can make ethanol from just about anything organic for less than $1 per gallon..." -- Link

The Guam EPA needs to talk these guys into setting up an operation on the island. There is so much vegetative debris here that there is an unending source of biomass.

I suppose that the Iowa corn farmers aren't going to be too happy about this.
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