Friday, February 8


An abandoned anchor was apparently the culprit in cutting the Gulf Internet cable. The conspiracy theories were much more exciting. -- Link

Phyllis Tickle is blogging through Lent -- Link (via)

I've put some video footage of our Chuukese students singing in chapel up on YouTube. Culturally the Chuukese like to sing and they have great voices. But they are a lot less animated than Americans and other Westerners when they're singing in front of people. Don't misinterpret that as lack of enthusiasm toward what they're doing. -- Link

Yahoo has a new webhosting and storage deal -- $12 a month for unlimited storage and transfer traffic on their servers. That will put a few webhosting companies out onto the street. -- Link

In a Time magazine article it comes out that Bishop Tom Wright doesn't believe in heaven -- at least as it is construed by many Christians. No surprise there -- at least for anyone who has been following his writing. And I'd have to say that he's worth listening to. -- Link

Beth Bilynskyj is voting for more precision and less dissing of the Greeks in this discussion -- see the comments on Erika Haub's great post.

The tenth most popular Bible translation sold in the US is the Spanish Reina Valera. Does that tell us anything about where the action is? -- Link

Evangelicals are surging into the future through the past -- major CT article -- Link

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