Saturday, February 16


The Bible is being published in Sweden in a high gloss magazine format -- and it's getting A LOT of attention -- Wall Street Journal article

A row has erupted over "Vatican interference" after the Italian Synod of Bishops appealed to actors to exercise their consciences and refuse to take part in "vulgar and destructive" erotic scenes in films. -- Link (via)

Whenever the church is fully functioning it will be interfering with the work of the devil.

The cost of electricity is going up 14% on Guam. Our monthly bill should soon be about $200. -- Link

GovGuam owes the power company $12 million that it can't pay. To keep the power company solvent they have to raise rates. One way or another the people pay. There just aren't enough politicians on Guam with the spine to bring taxes up to a reasonable and necessary level and to eliminate the redundancy from the territory's payroll. (Yes, I know, there are understaffed departments, too -- but on a whole...)

$30,000 worth of copper wire disappeared from a construction site. Where were the security guards? Which recycling yard is complicit? -- Link

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