Sunday, March 9


An inner-city LA school has raised its math scores by adopting a textbook from Singapore. -- Link

Aging babyboomers could flood the housing market further driving prices down in the US. -- Link

This could be good news for younger people who have up until this point been priced out of the market -- assuming, of course, that they'd want to live in the same areas and types of houses as the boomers. There is some indication that right now they're uninterested.

According to a new UN report -- 40% of children (mostly girls) in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu never been enrolled in a primary school. This is compared to 6% in Polynesia and 16% in Micronesia. -- Link

Nathan Gann has a link to the Food Court Musical -- an improv in a mall that involved 16 agents -- beautiful execution -- delightful. Like everyone else I'm wondering if the instrumental portion of the musical was dubbed in afterward or if the people in the food court heard it.

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