Saturday, March 15


St PatrickTomorrow we remember St Patrick -- 5th century missionary bishop to Ireland, early abolitionist, and bigger than life Christian -- but definitely a real person. Up until recently St Patrick was associated with the color blue and he was portrayed artistically with some kind of blue background or clothing. These days he dons green to highlight his association with the Emerald Isle. -- Link

Some of my favorite things on the website these days -- "Orangettes" -- candied orange peels, ethonal from citrus peels, homemade "Goo Gone" cleaner formula, white chocolate with lemon citrus zest cupcakes... Link

There is at least one place in California where petrol is now over $5/gallon. US national average is $3.23. Guam is still holding at $3.91 at all stations. -- Link

PIBC Days on our ministry website -- Link

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