Saturday, March 22


Sunrise Service
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They set up a little too close to the rising tide for the Easter sunrise service this morning. One wave came in and got my ukulele case (I was holding the uke already) -- it dried -- no damage.

Between the 84 at the sunrise service and the 134 at the 9 a.m. service, counting for a little Lisa dancingoverlap of people who went to both, we must have had just over 200 people at LCG this morning -- perhaps a record? (The church has been in a growth mode -- and not just in numbers.) It was a good morning.

In the top picture Pastor Jeff Johnson speaks during the sunrise service. In the second picture Lisa Dy dances during the 9 a.m. service.

Randy Bonifield end times/Larry Norman parody ~ Link

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Randall Friesen said...

Now that is a Sunrise service.

We gathered on the riverbank in snow up to our knees. And when I did the final reading and prayer, the heavens opened and huge fluffy flakes of snow fell covering everything. Again.