Monday, April 7


Marisol Farnsworth, a part of our PIBC team, has her US citizenship interview and test tomorrow (Wednesday). Marisol, who is originally from Ecuador, should do well. Her English is in good shape and she's been very thorough in her preparation. I'm pretty confident that her performance will be stellar. Still, we pray that she will be able to function at her best.

You can improve your writing (your business writing, your ad writing, your thank you notes and your essays) if you start thinking like a blogger... ~ Seth Godin

South African Theological Seminary, premier accredited distance theological educator, (now with 3,700 students in 71 countries) is in the process of purchasing a new building. To help go to

We've been cut off! I've been listening some to "The Fish" in Honolulu but when I tried to connect this morning I received the following message:
"This stream is available for US residents only
Your IP Address is (GUAM)"

But Guam is in the US! And Guamanians are US residents -- technically speaking. While Guam is not a state it is a US territory and functions under US laws and systems. Hawaiians know what it means to be an isolated pocket of the US -- on Guam we know it even more. Hopefully they'll figure out how to correct this.

Inflation in the developing Asian world is slowing the flow of cheap goods to the West. The global economy is now so totally interconnected. ~ Source

Fascinating. Dyslexia manifests itself differently in different languages because different languages utilize different parts of the brain, suggests to a new study. ~ Source

For children, learning to read is culturally important but is not really natural, Eden said, so when the brain orients toward a different writing system it copes with it differently.

For example, English-speaking children learn the sounds of letters and how to combine them into words, while Chinese youngsters memorize hundreds of symbols which represent words.

"The implication here is that when we see a reading disability, we see it in different parts of the brain depending on the writing system that the child is born into," Eden said.

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