Monday, April 14


Nine people from Christiana Agape, a small Phoenix, Arizona church, were detained and reportedly deported after Yavapai County Sheriff's officers were called to the Prescott area campground by other campers. The church was having a retreat. ~ Source

Seth Godin: ...The best bloggers make money, but mostly as a side effect, not as a direct result of setting out to use a blog to make a profit. It's just too long a ramp up time, too frustrating and too uncertain to be the best path to make a living.

Nonsense! I'm making 48¢ a week through the advertising on my blog. What does that Seth guy know, anyway?

7 Ways to keep church hoppers from staying ~ Link

More on Clyde Cook ~ Link

Congo Cookbook -- recipes from Africa ~ Link

The collapse of the housing bubble in the United States is mutating into a global phenomenon, with real estate prices swooning from the Irish countryside and the Spanish coast to Baltic seaports and even parts of northern India... ~ Source

Another reason to keep the US economy healthy -- when the US sneezes everyone catches a cold -- or so they say.

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Melissa Heck said...

48 cents a week! WOW! I had no idea you were so rich!!!! I hope you are tithing on that! ;o)