Friday, May 2

Guam in the news

Some locals are upset over the CNN story about today's Democratic caucus on Guam. Apparently, the network showed footage of a dilapidated grass hut and some guy dress in traditional native attire.

I didn't see the story -- nor did I find it in the CNN archives -- but I can assure you that the local attire on Guam isn't too unlike the West Coast US and you'd be hard pressed to find a grass hut -- except at a few tourist attractions. There are, however, dilapidated concrete buildings all over the place.

The relocation of all those Marines to Guam may be delayed. Apparently the US government is finally realizing the extent of the infrastructure problems on the island and the fiscal instability of the territory. ~ Link

When I mention the state of the island I do think that it is only fair to mention, as well, that there has been some improvement in even the two short years we've been here. But there are years and years of neglect, mismanagement, and corruption that have taken their toll.

There are zoning and permit abuses -- land ownership disputes which have come about because of the way that the indigenous people were forced from family lands during and after WWII -- many many complex problems.

Overall, though, I'm optimistic about Guam -- even if the Marines don't land in the near future. It's just going to be a slow and at times frustrating process.

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