Saturday, May 3


Obama "won" the Guam Democratic caucus by 7 (!) votes. ~ Link

Listening in on the yak around the island, I sense that there are two main reasons he did as well as he did:

(1) "He's a local boy." (Hawaii, only 4,000 miles away, is more local than New York or Arkansas -- neither of which are islands.)

(2) "Hilary didn't do anything for us the last time she was president."

The island to the north needs help! Saipan residents have gotten used to frequent power outages, but the local utility body says the capital of the Northern Marianas is in for much worse. ~ Link

Sweden is going to be importing sugar ethanol from Ghana, which will be processed in a plant built by a Brazilian company. Globalization. ~ Link

Amy & Brad's wedding toast -- video clip of the toast that turns into a musical production -- to the surprise and delight of the bride. Incredibly creative people. ~ Link (via)

The first piece of spam was emailed 30 years ago yesterday. ~ Link

ORU scandal leads to student exodus ~ Link

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Nathan said...

For the money! Ha!

30 years ago! Geesh.

I have friends at ORu, and have graduated from there, and they share similar feelings about the value of their degree.