Wednesday, May 14


Dan has a good "I love the Covenant" post. ~ Link

I'm off to Chuuk tomorrow for the PIBC Tol campus graduation on Saturday. The flight back to Guam is a red-eye Sunday night -- arriving at 4 a.m., Monday. Insane.

There is an emerging "post-charismatic" movement. Seems predictable. ~ Link

Real estate investors rejoice! The estimated number of Guam-bound US Marines has now risen from 8,000 to 12,849. It is anticipated that 10,350 family members will join the Marines and that the relocation will also attract about 5,000 more civilians to Guam. So, the current estimate is that Guam will net about 28,199 people because of the Marine move which is scheduled to begin in 2014. There are currently about 170,000 people on Guam. ~ Link

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