Thursday, May 29


A few US states are introducing "enhanced" driver's licenses which will function as passports in some countries. It seems like a lot of work to address a very minor issue. What difference does it make if you have to stop to show your passport or if you have to stop to show your license? You Spam canstill have to stop and show something. ~ Link

The economy is so marginal that lots of people can't even afford food. So they've taken to eating Spam instead. Sales are up 11% over this time last year. ~ Link

Photos and story of uncontacted Amazon tribe shooting arrows at aircraft ~ Link

The San Francisco Chronicle has done a new Lemon-Lime soda taste test. Winners and number of votes received are: Sprite -- 65; Stars and Stripes Stars Up -- 54; Ditto (Safeway) -- 49; Sierra Mist -- 47; Santa Cruz -- 41; 7Up -- 35; Izze Esque Limon -- 27; RW Knudsen Spritzer -- 17. ~ Link

It doesn't take a big budget to sink a candidate in a flat world. John McCain is getting creamed on YouTube ~ Link

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cb said...

You make it sound like Spam isn't food!!