Tuesday, June 17


Asia Sentinel article on the military build-up on Guam. The numbers are a little outdated (the latest talk has been 12,000 Marines instead of the 8,000 mentioned in the article) but it's a good concise summary of the challenges involved. ~ Link

Firefox logoYes, Firefox 3 is great -- clean, fast, and so far all of my add-on's from the past work. I really like the way that my Google bar gets integrated. I think they did about 8 million downloads in the first 24 hours that the new browser was available. ~ Link

AOL is trying to get out of the dial-up business. Ten years ago, who would have ever thunk it? Obviously AOL didn't -- and that's why they're sucking air now. ~ Link

Rumor has it, and I'm not seeing a lot more out there than rumor, that N.T. Wright will be on the Colbert Report tomorrow (Thursday) night. ~ Link

"Grace is loving someone more than they deserve." -- NOT! says Dan. What do you think? ~ Link

Paradise NOT! -- Honolulu’s traffic is among worst in the US ~ Link

Japanese tourism on Guam is in decline -- will the Chinese make up for the loss? ~ Link

Southwest Airlines continues to expand while other airlines are cutting back ~ Link

Lighten up! If you look at the numbers the economy isn't as bad as you probably think it is. ~ Washington Post Link

Andrew Jones is calling attention to the 10/24 window -- "the one billion people who access information through screens, a number which will no doubt continue to grow as more of the world gets connected..." ~ Link

Free book -- Facebook for Pastors. Apparently pastors need special help in figuring out what everyone else seems to be grocking on their own. Don't let my snarky comment stop you from downloading the book -- short, helpful info. ~ Link

Breathtaking pictures of the flooding in Iowa ~ Link (via)

Yet another reason to have another cup of coffee -- possible reduction in heart disease ~ Link

Starwars hologram"Help us, Virtual Pastor, you're our only hope!" -- Holographic Bible teachers -- more slippage toward a disembodied celebrity-driven Christianity? ~ Link

Johnna Hayward, an American who works with a Congolese church in Waterloo, Belgium has a great post (with great pictures) describing a Congolese wedding. ~ Link

"People who customize their cars with stickers and other adornments are more prone to road rage than other people, according to researchers in Colorado." Territoriality? ~ Link (via)

Don Johnson has some wise words for Gary Walter, who is in line to become the next president of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Of course, you have to understand that when Don says this to Gary he's really preaching to the choir. My prayer is that the congregations will overhear the sermon and better understand the changes that are going to be taking place. Some local churches will have a harder time with the changes than the denominational structure itself. ~ Link

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