Thursday, June 26


The ice at the North Pole may be gone by the end of the summer -- for the first time in human history. I'm not sure what it all means -- but I'm hoping that Santa has pontoons for his sleigh. ~ Link

If Hibiscusa new ICANN proposal goes through we may see thousands of new alternatives to .com -- highly likely -- sounds a bit chaotic. ~ Link

The other day I got to talking with David Westerfield, who does a lot of design and photo work for the Covenant, and found out that he has recently returned to painting. He even has a blog -- which I discovered is filled with great beauty. ~ Link

James Choung's Big Story four circles is featured in Christianity Today ~ Link

Scot McKnight's book Jesus Creed is now being sold in China ~ Link

John Weborg's fantastic sermon on the centrality of the Word of God (Wednesday night's opening service at the Covenant annual meeting) is now online -- audio/visual. ~ Link

I don't want to be the last person on the planet to link to the N.T. Wright interview on the Colbert Report. It's amazing how articulate the good bishop is -- even when under silly fire. ~ Link

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Unknown said...

James Choung has spoken at Newsong a couple times.