Sunday, June 29


South African Theological Seminary, my favorite online seminary, has just introduced a structured Master of Theology (MTh) degree in biblical studies. Programs in pastoral ministry and pastoral counseling are in the pipe. Up to this point their masters programs have been research based (the established British model for master's work). This new additional approach will be more familiar to those who have studied in an American-style school. ~ Link

A first for me today -- a pomegranate flavored Tootste Pop -- so exotic!

Wow, Ben Witherington really takes George Barna and Frank Viola to the woodshed for their shoddy book Pagan Christianity. Somebody had to do it. And he was gentle with them. ~ Link

Three of our PIBC graduates were ordained in Palau last week. ~ Link

How to sabotage your church ~ Link

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Tim and Sarah said...

someone else who has the same credentials as witherington is shooting holes in his review. you can check it out at