Sunday, July 13


Andrew Jones chimes in on the short-term missions debate ~ Link

I've been reading Bob Roberts book Glocalization, which is calling the church to rethink what constitutes missions and who missionaries are -- in light of the flattening of the world. It's a terrific starting point for a needed discussion. This is one of those books which could be great fodder for church leadership groups. Of course, you probably won't want to swallow everything he says hook, line, and sinker. But you'll want to take a good size bite.

Scott McKnight is blogging through another important work on missional thinking, Christopher Wright’s book The Mission of God. A lot more technical than Roberts -- more foundational. I didn't find it a quick read but it is quickly becoming a classic. ~ Link

CT checks in on the new Free Church statement. ~ Link

I think it's going to be a long night -- we're at the LAX Super8 -- very very close to LAX -- right under the landing planes. Ahhhhhhh! Ear plugs please.

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