Tuesday, August 19


The College Board is developing another new mostly unnecessary college assessment exam -- this time for eighth graders -- roll-out scheduled for 2010. ~ link

Ignoring a growing body of research which shows that even moderate drinking by those under the age of 21 does damage to developing brains, 100 college presidents are calling on lawmakers to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18. To their credit, they see this as a way to address the issue of binge drinking. But really, lowering the age bar doesn't deal with the issue. It just makes alcohol a little more accessible earlier. ~ link

The UN is forming an office to help Pacific Islanders deal with issues related to the rising sea levels. ~ link

Chris Lascano has hit Internet gold with his discovery of a blog dedicated to California Taco Trucks. ~ link (via)

Only five days until the start of Burning Man 2008 ~ Burning Man site | Burning Man blog

Even more exciting -- only two more days until Kent joins us on Guam.

Why changing your gmail security settings has suddenly become urgent. My gshield is up! ~ link

New numbers -- the average senior pastor in US churches now has a compensation package (including benefits such as retirement, life insurance, health insurance and continuing education allowances) worth more than $80,000 a year -- add $30,000 with an advanced degree. The study differentiates between senior pastors and solo pastors. Lutheran and Presbyterian pastors make the most money. On a whole we're treated well. ~ link

Quotable: I would like to see more people willing to serve the church. I mean serve. I think one of the things most lacking in the church is servers… people who are just willing to serve their fellow human being. But there’s a problem: even though we believe in grace, we still get exasperated, disappointed, frustrated, angry and eventually even give up when the people we serve don’t measure up to our expectations. Unlike our master who served and served and served until the people he served served him up on a platter and even then he begged for God to forgive them, we serve but stop as soon as the people don’t deserve it (or… don’t deserve us). Where are those who would serve and serve and serve the church, who would minister, in spiritual language, to the body of Jesus, without even expecting a thank-you? Where are such people? ~ David Hayward


R. Mansfield said...

I was in college when the drinking age was changed from 18-21. I don't know if it was local law or if this was done elsewhere, but they grandfathered in those between the ages of 18 and 21 by making it legal for people in our age group to drink if they were part of a "club." This allowed all the fraternities and sororities to still hold their keggers as well as the local bars to initiate memberships for $1. So for three years, at least, nothing really changed.

Of course, I was mostly hanging out at the Baptist Student Union during my college years :-) --but boy the Kappa Alphas next to us and the Catholic Student Union could really throw some wild parties.

In all seriousness, binge drinking has been around as long as there have been young people away from the supervision of their parents. Lowering the age limit won't help the problem but may just encourage it.

Lowering the age is not even a good fix for the symptoms of the problem and it certainly doesn't address root issues.

Me? I'd make the drinking age 30, but they don't let me make the laws.

Laura Springer said...

First, thanks for the gmail ssl note...I've turned mine on!

Second, I agree with r. mansfield, lowing the drinking age only makes binging "legal". Sounds to me like frustrated university presidents are throwing up their hands.