Friday, September 12


England is a step closer to adopting US style yellow school buses. However, they may have trouble getting used to the fact that yellow school buses are designed with the steering and the passenger door positioned for driving on the right side of the street. :-) ~ link billboards -- "You are not alone." I showed the video clip in class the other day. We're studying Mormonism right now and it was a good discussion starter. Apparently others think so, too -- there are about 600 comments on the article. ~ link

Over 1,180 square miles in southern San Diego County have been quarantined to prevent the spread of Asian citrus psyllid insects and citrus greening. ~ link

About half of California high school drop-outs return to school to work on their diplomas. Of the returnees only about 10% end up doing any college work. ~ link

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Teresa said...

Unfortunately, there is new information to report. First, Huanglongbing, also known as HLB or citrus greening disease has been discovered in Mexico, putting the citrus industry on high alert. Also, earlier this week, the psyllid was found in Orange County, then Los Angeles County. Get the most recent news release here:

Teresa, on behalf of the California Citrus Research Board.