Tuesday, October 21

Guam Adventures

The economic woes in South Korea are affecting the economy of Guam ~ link

BluSkiesOne of our Guam discoveries -- BluSkies Spring Onion Crackers -- imported from the Philippines. Relatively inexpensive and tasty. ~ link

We were shopping in the neighborhood grocery store this evening when the power went out. The place was packed but no one seemed the least bit surprised -- although there were a few here-we-go-again sighs.

I just pulled the flash light from my pocket and we continued picking out yellow onions. About a minute into the blackout we could hear the sound of the generator kicking on. About 30 seconds later the lights were back and everyone returned to shopping. ~ link

That's one thing they don't have in the States -- a major back-up generator for each grocery store. Of course, you probably don't need a major back-up generator for each grocery store in the States. But that's just a part of the adventure.

They're paying $2.469/gal in KC -- $2.329 in McAllen, Texas. We're still paying $4.049/gal on Guam. Somebody is conveniently holding off on dropping the price. That's because we've allowed ourselves to get into a situation where there is no competition. ~ link


Dave Owen said...

Regular gas was in the $3.60's in Honolulu

Barb Hungerford said...

We are paying $3.34 in western NY and we've got lots of competition!