Tuesday, October 14


How long are we planning to stay on Guam? We have a new newsletter up on our ministry website. ~ link

In Arizona they're concerned that the rattlesnakes seem to be rattling less and growing more venomous. ~ link

They've upped by gmail storage to 7 gigs. I'm now at about 30% of that. Each time I get up to 50 or 60% they seem to give me more storage.

The more I read of Seth Godin the more I like the guy. His latest -- "Maybe you can't make money doing what you love..." -- not the kind of thing you'd expect from a marketing guru. ~ link

Did Norsemen bring Christianity to North Scotland before St Columba arrived on Iona? It's possible. ~ link

I was listening to a certain presidential candidate's sound bites on the radio and they reminded me of the student body presidential election in junior high school. The candidates were promising such wonderful things as longer Christmas vacations, less homework, extended mid-morning breaks, and pizza for lunch in the cafeteria EVERY DAY! All such things were obviously beyond the power of the student body president but some of them actually believed that they were within the realm of possibility.


donnjohnson said...

Yeah Brad. Seth gets it big time! Wouldn't he be a great speaker at a Midwinter?

Justin said...

Gmail increases for everyone... maybe they keep individual counter down until you reach the upper atmosphere then increases it to make you feel good. :)