Monday, November 3


RAND researchers have established a correlation between sexual content on television and risky sexual behavior by teens -- likewise between violent video games and aggressive behavior in children. Garbage in -- garbage out. ~ link

An Australian researcher has found "a correlation between the severity of depression and the amount of time spent engaged in online sexual activity." ~ link

Business as usual. GWA, the Guam Waterworks Authority, plans to turn the water off at the territorial prison because the DOC owes the water agency between $100,000 and $200,000. The planned disconnect is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. ~ link

GWA is also planning to turn the water off at the animal shelter tomorrow because the government hasn't paid that bill either. ~ link

I'm planning to vote tomorrow for a few territorial senate candidates (those who have never held office) and against casino gambling on Guam.

Scot McKnight's Jesus Creed blog moved to its new site on ~ link

It's not easy being green. About 1/3 of all amphibians on the planet are endangered. One major culprit may be atrazine, a widely used weed killer. ~ link

When I was in the States last summer I spent considerable energy trying to find a battery for my laptop -- without success. Then when I got back to Guam I tried finding a reasonably priced battery from anyone who would actually ship to Guam (a problem with a lot of retailers -- even though we use US mail). I finally found someone on eBay last week and my battery arrived this afternoon. So far so good.

Kent applied for an absentee ballot from his polling place in California. But so far it hasn't arrived. He was looking forward to voting in this historic presidential election. Sigh.

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