Thursday, November 6


Two days after the resounding defeat at the polls, the guys who were throwing around the big bucks to push for casinos on Guam have shut down their Greyhound Racing operation -- due to financial problems. Everyone seems surprised. Sometimes your vote accomplishes more than you could have imagined. ~ link

Shell plans to drop Guam fuel prices by 30¢/gallon tonight. That will bring regular down to $3.599/gallon. I guess we're in a recession. The prices are all recessing. ~ link

GovGuam went through the sofa and came up with enough change to pay the water bills for the prison and animal shelter. They're turning the water back on for the stray dogs and now GWA can quit looking for the valve to turn-off the prison's water. ~ link

Californians voted for a high-speed train to connect the north and the south. Yesssss... ~ link

Church Then and Now, the blog written by Kurt Frederickson and Eddie Gibbs, has a new location. ~ link


Chris Lascano said...

You will only have to pay for a ticket if you want to ride the train. I will help pay for the train for the rest of my life and still have to buy a ticket if I want to ride on the choo choo train.

Brad Boydston said...

Given the growth projections of California there is no way that you can widen the roads enough to move everyone around in cars and trucks. You're going to get stuck with a major tax tab created by a stalled economy and congestion if you don't do something like this. If it is done right it will save you money. If it is poorly run it will become a boondoggle. It's a gamble but I'm not seeing too many other sound alternatives on the radar.