Friday, December 12


Avery DullesCardinal Avery Dulles has died at the age of 90 years. His book Models of the Church helped establish some new neural pathways in my brain. He was one of the few Roman Catholic cardinals who was not also a bishop. He was a wonderful theologian with a practical head and a kind heart -- used in many ways by God. ~ link

Gmail gets in-browser .pdf viewer -- just like Google Docs. Quickly look at attachments without having to crank up a slow .pdf reader. Cool. ~ link

The weak stockmarket maybe creating a powerful crisis in Palau ~ link

I'm wondering why people hang their clean laundry out to dry and then start a very smoky fire 25 ft away to burn their trash -- a Guam thing.

SC I believe license plateEvangelicals waste a lot of time, energy, and good will promoting and defending trite trinkets that actually have nothing to with the kingdom of God (as Jesus talked about it) and genuine Christian witness. ~ link

I used to frequent Starbucks. Yes, I know it's hard to believe -- but it's true. No, I've never been much of coffee drinker but Starbucks gives away spent coffee grounds (even if you don't buy anything -- at least that used to) and I'd bring the nicely packaged bags home for my compost pile. Well, it looks as though Starbucks might be able to actually start making money again by turning all those coffee grounds into biofuel! On top of it all, coffee consumption is bound to go up with the powerful sensory suggestion that comes from driving behind a few cars brewing the mixture in their engines. ~ link

Another argument for increasing coffee consumption -- especially on Sunday mornings -- oops:


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